Safety in our Churches and Places of Worship

Businesses including our churches and other places of worship need to have heightened safeguards in place for their congregations to feel safe to return and bring their families back to weekly services.  Concerns are also felt when planning and attending marital ceremonies, funerals, burials, memorial services and other religious gatherings.

As many states across the U.S. are now allowing lighter restrictions, businesses are opening again with new challenges for COVID compliance with little support.  Therefore, they are not opening safely due to the nature of this threat still looming.  It has been found that some businesses now open are not rigorously following best practices of social distancing and monitoring that guests are wearing masks.

Churches or places of worship with large congregations will have varying comfort levels and different beliefs on where they are at in regard to the coronavirus and reopening.  It may be almost impossible to make everyone feel safe and comfortable with returning to attend their place of worship.  Some establishments have chosen to stream their services on screens on their outdoor plazas in hopes more people will continue to come past the limited capacity allowed inside.  This, however, would mean even more frequent sanitizing needed for those outdoor high touch point areas.

White House Standards To Prevent the Spread of the Coronavirus

Recently, two members of the White House staff tested positive for COVID-19. Following these diagnoses, the White House stepped up its Corona prevention efforts.  Their heightened protocols for staff and guests of the White House now include but not limited to, daily temperature checks, symptom history tracking and deep cleaning and sanitizing of all work spaces.  Why wouldn’t you, as a business owner or congregation, want to 

Solutions for Churches to Remain COVID Compliant near Dallas

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends establishments opening should increase cleaning, promote good hygiene and provide ways for people to maintain social distance from each other. 

Some churches or places of worship may not have adequate staff or volunteers to re-arrange seating in their space and perform the frequent, rigorous cleanings of so many high-touch surfaces.  These organizations may need to seek affordable staff to assist in moving seating and for sanitizing solutions above the normal weekly deep cleaning performed by a maid type service company.